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Grant Recipient 2023


Grant Recipient 2022


Grant Recipients 2021

Corner Stone Crossroads Academy, Forerunner Mentoring and Men of Nehemiah

Each one of these ministries is bringing light in the darkness and establishing the rule and reign of Christ across neighborhoods and people groups in Dallas. 

We are honored to partner with them in their work, and thanks to your generosity and our increased membership, we are excited to be giving all three ministries a check for $50,000! From rebuilding damaged property and acquiring new buildings, to hiring and expanding teams, we are confident our partnership will further their individual missions and support our joint mission of renewing the city.


Grant Recipients 2020

Bridge Builders & Casa del Lago


In the past, it has been so exciting to unveil the winners at the luncheon.  However, although it is a disappointment not to announce them at a luncheon, we are no less excited to announce the winners for the grant in this letter.  We had 4 outstanding ministries to consider this year; and though it is hard to vote, it is always an affirmation and amazement to see how clearly God makes His choice of where our grants should go after the voting process.  Thanks to YOUR GENEROSITY, the winners of the 2020 One Hundred Shares Dallas grant are Casa del Lago and BridgeBuilders!!! Because of our increased membership, we will be giving BridgeBuilders $50,000 and Casa del Lago $90,000! Please enjoy the videos below from the recipients!

Thank You One Hundred Shares!
Thank You One Hundred Shares!

Grant Recipient 2019

Our Calling


We are so pleased to announce our 2019 grant recipient, Our Calling! As has happened each year so far, God made the choice abundantly clear. This year it was a total landslide! Our Calling was the overwhelming choice from the Partner feedback to the Board votes.

OurCalling is a faith-based organization that leads the homeless to live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle by building lasting relationships and making disciples on the streets. They want everyone to see that the chains of poverty and dysfunction that lead to homelessness can be broken through the love of God. The project they are working on now that was the focus of the grant request is a new and unique service for homeless women in Dallas. Their dedicated Women’s Center that is under construction will provide a safe refuge for women that are being traumatized and are trying to escape an abusive situation. OurCalling only asked for $50,000. However, we knew that the Women’s Center project budget was far more than that amount. Because God made it so very clear that they were the ministry where He wanted the money to go, we gave them the “whole” grant amount of $100,000. They were delighted!  As usual every dollar of the OHS Partner’s contributions is given away each year, and the ‘abundance’ this year over the $100k was given to our other 3 finalists.

One of our luncheon attendees made a recording of the director of OurCalling, Wayne Walker, giving his grant acceptance speech. He talked about their ministry and specifically this project, how it will serve, how it will rescue, women. It is so moving and we were so touched that we wanted to share it with you. It is absolutely worth the six minutes. Turn on your volume and press play below.